January – April 2017

During my travels to Israel I discovered a culture of people living truly in the moment.

Here, everything is unpredictable, and anything goes. People will cook the way they see fit and they won’t be constrained by rules or expectations. They’re bombastic and full of tremendous life and this is reflected in the way they cook.

The produce is flawless and the flavour unmatched. As a carnivore, I was most surprised by my satisfaction after each meal despite the vegetable-heavy dishes.

In the words of legendary chef Eyal Shani, Israeli food is not simple, it is pure.

Charlie Carrington

Head Chef – Atlas Dining

Israeli Tasting Menu

Smoked Eggplant, Pistachio, Grilled Vine Leaves

Swordfish, Harissa, Peppers


Sweetbread, Chickpea, Tomato

Lamb, Brussels Sprouts, Black Cardamom

Kunafa #cookforsyria

Strawberry, Tehina