May – August 2017

안녕하세요! (hello!)

My latest latest trip was to South Korea I visited the fine dining restaurants right through to the street markets to gain a first hand understanding of the Korean cuisine.

It’s a fascinating country with an amazing food culture that has inspired every element of our menu.

Throughout the 4 months that we offer the Korean menu the dishes will change so that you won’t get the same experience each time.

맛있게 드세요! (enjoy your meal)

Charlie Carrington

Head Chef – Atlas Dining

Korean Tasting Menu

Mushroom, Perilla, Eggplant

Smoked Eel, Kimchi, Kolhrabi

Spicy Tofu, Potato

Pork Jowl, Radicchio, Gochujang

Quince, Doenjang

$15pp Six Seasonal Banchans