September – December 2016

Xin chao!

During my travels to Vietnam I discovered tastes and textures unlike any other country. Cooking techniques passed on from top restaurant chefs and those from elderly street vendors were equally extraordinary and unforgettable.

The heavy Chinese influence in the north, the smokey, aromatic flavours of the centre and the crisp, refreshing flavours of the south were truly inspirational.

I am excited to explore and balance the five tastes of the region – sweet, salty, bitter, sour and spicy with my own special twist on traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

What an place to start our journey.

Charlie Carrington

Head Chef – Atlas Dining

Vietnamese Tasting Menu

Octopus, Sweet Potato, Pomelo

Asparagus, Egg, Iceberg Lettuce

King George Whiting, Pickled Vegetables, Vietnamese Mint

Wagyu Beef Pho Tartare

Rambutan, Grilled Cucumber

Peach, Mango, Cashew